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To apply for an open vacancy in Technoform, please send your resume together with all supporting documents to the contact person specified in the job description in this career portal. 

The link below will take you to the descriptions:

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We are also looking forward to your application without reference to any vacancies. Drop us your resume and we will keep you in mind for any of our future vacancies. 

Looking forward to contacting you, let us work together! 


Technoform Bautec Kunststoffprodukte GmbH (Germany)

Technoform Glass Insulation GmbH (Germany)

Technoform Kunststoffprofile GmbH (Germany)

Technoform Bautec Iberica s.l. (Spain)

Technoform Bautec France S.A.S (France)

Technoform Bautec Italia SpA (Italy)

Asia Pacific

Technoform Bautec Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (South Korea, Japan, Singapore)

Technoform Bautec (Suzhou) Thermal Insulation Materials Co., Ltd (China)

Technoform Bautec Hongkong Co., Ltd (Hong Kong)

Technoform Bautec ANZ (Australia and New Zealand)

North America 

Technoform Bautec North America, Inc.

Technoform Glass Insulation NA, Inc.