Working in Asia Pacific

Welcome to Technoform Asia Pacific family.

Technoform Asia Pacific is a part of the Technoform Group. We are responsible for the market in the Asia Pacific region and we are currently a team of more than 300 working in Asia Pacific. We operate with 2 manufacturing plants (in Suzhou and in Hong Kong), and more than 15 sales offices across Asia Pacific, including Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and New Zealand.

Our core know-how is in precision engineered plastic extrusion and our products can be found many industries ranging from building to automotive and aerospace. We are the market leader in high-precision polyamide based insulation profile for buildings and hybrid spacer for insulating glass.

Our solutions improve the energy performance of buildings and this helps to create a better world by reducing carbon emission in buildings. Since 1994, the total distance of insulation profiles we produced are enough to circumvent the world 120 times and each year 1.3 billion kWh of energy are saved by the use of our solutions. With Asia Pacific experiencing fast economic growth, tighter building standards, rapid urbanizing and a rising middle class, Technoform Asia Pacific have many opportunities for future development.

We believe that it is really the people that make Technoform Asia Pacific the company it is. Qualified and well-motivated employees are a vital factor to the success of the company and we do our best to take good care our people and to provide the right training and qualification to prepare them for the jobs.

We strive to maintain a family oriented culture, whereby everyone cares about each other, and everyone can speak freely to each other. Although we come from different walks of life, we believe that we can all laugh together, work together, and strive for greater heights together.

Outside office, we care about the society and the environment. Our teams are working on reversing desertification in Alxa League in Inner Mongolia, protecting wetlands in Shenzhen, and tree plantings in Singapore.

 “Growing with Technoform should be a fantastic adventure. Everyone must take responsibilities, but here, we can transfer it to a belief, with which we can fulfill your ideas and innovations. Technoform always offers us the stage to become "Citius, Altius and Fortius! " – Simon Zou, Suzhou

“Technoform provides a great platform for me to rapidly develop my skills and responsibility. Technoform always cares about what we are thinking and try its best to train us to be professionals in the industry.” – Fiona Yan, Suzhou

“ I feel proud that from our work in Technoform, we are greening the built environment and reducing the negative impact of global climate change. It is a very challenging job, but at the same time, intensely fulfilling. “– Mengyong Lee, Singapore

Working in Asia Pacific