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We regard cultural diversity as an asset – both for the society that we live in and also for a globally active company like the Technoform Group. That is why we are proud of the fact that Technoform has a workforce of more than 1,100 employees who speak at least 40 different languages and continue to inspire us every day with their ideas and commitment.

They are all connected to each other by a global structure of small flexible units as well as by their joint responsibility for the objectives of our customers.

Trust pays off

All doors are open to our employees. And we mean that literally: at Technoform, you will never see a closed door or find a time recording system. For we believe that taking individual responsibility and the entrepreneurial way that we think and act are the key to our success. What counts is the results that you achieve in your work and not where or when the work was carried out. Therefore at Technoform, management primarily also means delegating responsibility and competence as the basis for independent decision-making.

Who we are looking for

Networked thinking – networked action

Teamwork and networked thinking are important parts of our corporate culture. As a rule, our small and flexible teams are set up like "companies within a company" and therefore are also responsible for arranging their own work time models. A network of non-linear relationships in turn connects the individual teams across the company sites.

This has resulted in the development of a cross-border global network of competence and knowledge within which innovative ideas and top class products are created on a daily basis – always with the focus on the requirements of the customer.

We can help you find the right balance

Besides good pay and individual opportunities for development, most employees today also consider a good work-life balance to be just as important. Technoform identified this trend very early on and responded to it by developing a variety of measures. These include flexible work time models, trust-based working or even flexibility when choosing where to work if this fits in with the job profile.